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Minturn North is a new extension of town that offers a wide variety of building lot sizes and types.  Phase One offers small cottage lots, mid sized compact and standard lots.  The design guidelines for these parcels offer a great deal of flexibility and opportunity for all.


Greg Sparhawk is the design partner on this project.  He is an architect that lives, works and plays in Minturn.  While he has been involved with the town in many different capacities this site has always been a source of trepidation for him.  When the site became available it was a concern for the future of the parcel, and the town, that drove the design of Minturn North.  C&B Development is the partner that brings decades of experience and local involvement to Minturn North.  When we started our community outreach we quickly learned that our vision was very much in line with the Minturn community as a whole.  We are very excited to offer this opportunity.

Minturn is an authentic mountain town that prides itself on being unique with a bit of funkiness.  This project provides individual lots that will allow for an organic extension of the town aesthetic, thereby strengthening the character of our small mountain town.   

Minturn North is a new extension of the town providing a wide mix of lot types and a great deal of flexibility for styles of homes.  If you're looking for a small single family cottage, this is the place to build it.  If your dream home is a larger home with westerly meadow views, you can build it here.

Hike up Game Creek to Vail or for the more adventurous, ski home via the Minturn Mile.  Walk to downtown to a great selection of eclectic shops and wonderful restaurants and bars. Enjoy all of the amazing things to do in your new hometown.

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photo : Kevin Banker