Frequently asked questions

Are there design regulations?

We have developed a basic set of Design Guidelines that are in place as part of the PUD approval. These are abvailable through the Link on the current Phasing Page.

Are you taking reservations?

With a high level of interest we received the amount of deposits that we think will convert to contracts for the entire Phase One portion of the project. We plan to announce the opening for Phase 2 this Summer. There will be a non binding reservation fee of $10,000 to reserve a parcel. Reservations get listed as received with priority as outlined on the Phase One page of this website.

Will there be an HOA?

Yes, there will be a minor HOA in place to support adherance to PUD regulations. This HOA currently is not planned to be responsible for any public spaces.

When can I begin building?

Minturn North is currently working through the public review process with the Town. We are attempting to gain our Preliminary PUD approval with the Town Council in February. As this is a public processwe are unable to formally commit to this date. If we are able to stay on schedule we plan to have parcels ready for you to build your home in the Summer of 2021.

What can I build on these lots?

We've identified four different types of residential lots for sale. The first, and smallest, is a Cottage Lot. This will allow for a single family home only. The Compact Lots and the Estate Lots both allow for a single family home and an ADU by right. The Standard Lots are perhaps the most flexible allowing for a single family home with an ADU, or just a Duplex by right. Please click on some of the individual lots available to see examples of the sizes of homes that can be accomodated on these lots. Also, be sure to check back as we will soon be updating these with additional home designs. While there is not a minimum size, or a time requirement, homes must meet current adopted building code standards, must be affixed to a permanent foundation, must be permanently tied to site utilities and will be required to go through Design Review per the guidelines found on the Phase One page of this website.

Can you provide me with any information on lenders?

We are working closely with Ryan Gilbert at Bank of Colorado. They are creating a preferred lender package that will offer financing options including lot acquisition, construction financing and permanent mortgage financing. you canreach him at 970-309-3899. He can also be contacted at ryan.gilbert@bankofcolorado.com

How much are lots going to cost?

We are still working through a large number of project cost negotiations but hope to have final pricing around the end of February. For now we are projecting that lots will start in the $200k's.