* update *
thank you all for your patience.  we have made a huge number of concessions with the current plan modifications and re-submitted our information on December 17th for review.   the plan above shows the proposed first phase of the project complete with a newly designed alley ways and a cleaner intersection with the addition of 2nd Street.  below are answers to a few questions that have come up...

1. timing
we have been pushing to get in front of the town for a few months now, but the town has also been extremely busy. the latest hurdle is that our plan to just get Phase 1 approved was derailed due to lacking open space assigned to the first Phase.  therefore, we have revised the scope and are finalizing our engineering now.  we are trying to get in front of the Council and hope for a quick approval.  if we can secure that, we should be able to start digging in the late Spring or early Summer.  this could possibly still allow buyers to start building in the late Summer.

2. multi-family
as was mentioned at the open house, we have been in discussions with a builder that is interested in building townhomes on the multi-family lots.  we are going to work with the builder to give priority to anyone that currently has a deposit on a lot to transfer to a townhome unit, if they choose.

3. Overall Plan Adjustments
because of overwhelming public opinion that we reduce density around Taylor St, we have removed many of the single family homesites within the core of the project and shifted the density to the far north of the project.  this area was the site of eight estate lots accessed by a game creek crossing.  we have eliminated these lots and are proposing a single multi-family parcel to be entitled for 40 "locals-only" units.  the actual unit count will ultimately be up to whomever develops this area and goes through the design review process.  the elimination of the second crossing also provides less impact to the riparian area.